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In 2011, RGI Charity extended it's outreach to include a scholarship program for secondary school students. A scholarship includes tuition for the year, a full uniform, a pair of shoes, a supply of paper and a daily lunch meal served at school.

Scholarship Program Information

Primary education in Kenya is free. However, secondary schooling comes with a price tag and many Kibera kids can’t afford to pursue their education.

The average annual income of a family in Kibera, when the parents are lucky enough to find employment, is between $200-$500.

A scholarship to attend secondary school in 2018 is $440. This includes tuition fees, a guaranteed lunch every day,a supply of paper, basic school supplies, a full uniform and new shoes.

In 2014, Nicole bought 8 computers for the benefit of the scholarship students. They are set up on the campus of the Olympic Primary School and provide the students with free access to Internet and a quiet room to study after school and on weekends.

All the Goodfellow Scholarship students attend Shadrack Kimalel Secondary School – a school built in 2011 to mainly service the growing population of youth in the Kibera slum area. With a vision of “Becoming a Leading Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence", the school staff and school Principal embody the school’s core values of discipline, hard work, teamwork, spirituality and integrity, while ensuring that the Goodfellow Scholarship students perform at their very best. The school’s population as of October 2018 is approximately 390 students – grade 9 (Form 1) to grade 12 (Form 4).

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Scholarship Sponsors

The number of students privileged to attend high school thanks to the Goodfellow Scholarship Program depends entirely on the number of generous sponsors who are committed to support a student and make their education dream come true. RGI Charity is so very grateful for the many wonderful people who believe in the power of education and who trust Rick and Nicole in ensuring the success of this program. Again, it is worth noting that they manage the program themselves with the help of a volunteer program manager on site which means that the full scholarship fees go directly to the student’s education and wellbeing.

Follow the link below to see a list of our scholarship sponsors.

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Meet some of our Scholarship Students!

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