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Goodfellow Scholarship Alumni

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The students highlighted below graduated with a high school diploma thanks to their hard work and determination, the financial backing and encouragement of their respective sponsors. We are very proud of their achievements and wish them the best of luck as they move on to the next stage of their life journey. Without a doubt, none of them would have achieved their education dream without the support of their sponsors.

Macdonald, Brian, Samson (2)

Our first scholarship graduates in 2014 from the Olympic Secondary School:

  1. Macdonald Ochieng sponsored by Fred Johns
  2. Brian Muga sponsored by Michael Proulx and Donna Rennie
  3. Samson Okello sponsored by Vic Taylor

9 scholarship students graduated from Olympic Secondary School in 2015 (7 boys and 2 girls):

  1. Andrew Otieno sponsored by Mike Wright
  2. Arnold Munyasa sponsored by Vic Taylor
  3. Augustine Oduori sponsored by Karen Clifford
  4. Christopher Muga sponsored by Jacqueline Proulx
  5. George Omondi sponsored by Rick and Nicole Goodfellow
  6. Hilda Olindo sponsored by Guylaine Lacroix
  7. Joyce Otula Kheyeli sponsored by Jeanette Wilkinson
  8. Teddy Ogolla Omondi sponsored by Syd Baxter
  9. Vincent Odongo sponsored by Ben Hart and Angela Goodfellow
2016 scholarship graduates

In 2016, 6 scholarship students graduated from Olympic Secondary School (5 girls and 1 boy):

  1. Jane Arum sponsored by Louise Bergeron
  2. Genevieve Achieng sponsored by Elliott and Barbara Clarke
  3. Michelle Opondo sponsored by Denis Bériault and the RGI
  4. Michelle Akoth sponsored by Phil Dempsey and Michelle Mousseau
  5. Sheryl Achieng sponsored by Jake and Ellen Emond
  6. Alan Luvovi sponsored by Gilbert Barrette and Lurdes Pimentel


In 2017, we celebrated the graduation of 6 scholarship girls from Shadrack Kimalel Secondary School.

  1. Ann Opondo Akinyi sponsored by Mike and Kathleen Lupiano
  2. Pricilla Ungai sponsored by Anne-Marie Denault
  3. Viona Wafula sponsored by Chris and Danielle Morrison
  4. Eunice Otieno sponsored by Ted and Penny Leptik
  5. Elizabeth Ragot sponsored by Chloé Goodfellow
  6. Cynthia Owino sponsored by Dan and Carolyn Hewitt


2017 graduates 2
2018 graduates - girls
2018 graduates - boys

In 2018, we celebrated our largest cohort of scholarship graduates since the inception of the program in 2011. 15 amazing kids graduated from Kimalel Shadrack Secondary School, thanks to the unwavering support of their sponsors.

11 girls:

  1. Belinda Oduor sponsored by Mike and Maureen Strittmatter
  2. Purity Omondi sponsored by the WIN Committee of Canada Post Corporation
  3. Linus Achieng Mitchelle sponsored by Carole Anne Aubé
  4. Lilian Munyva sponsored by Chris and Danielle Morrison
  5. Regina Adhiambo sponsored by Beth and Ray Lambert
  6. Anne Mito Atieno sponsored by Paula Bernat
  7. Mildred Asina Omukuva sponsored by Don Landry
  8. Christine Syombua sponsored by Chloé Goodfellow
  9. Violet Mapesa Nyangweso sponsored by Chloé Goodfellow
  10. Anne Simani Ronde sponsored by Constance Hudak
  11. Mercy Amnavi sponsored by Chloé Goodfellow

4 boys:

  1. Elvis Omollo sponsored by Neil McInally
  2. Fidelis Mbithi Mwanzau sponsored by Fred Johns
  3. Clinton Michira Nyamwea sponsored by Neil McInally
  4. Jackson Mark Oduor sponsored by Neil McInally





We are so proud of the amazing students who have worked hard and completed their four years of secondary school!

"The future is bright and beautiful! Love it, strive for it and work for it!" ~ Author Unknown