Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about RGI Charity and it's work. Please feel free to contact us at if you would like more information!

Is RGI a registered charity (can I get a tax receipt for my donation)?

No, we cannot give tax receipts for your donation. RGI is not a registered charity, simply because it would be cost prohibitive to meet CRA requirements. We can provide 5 kids with one year of secondary education for the annual auditing obligations of becoming a registered charity. We prefer to have all our hard-earned funds directed to the school and kids – no overhead or administrative expenses. 100% of funds raised goes directly to the Olympic Primary School!

How did RGI Charity start?

Rick and Nicole Goodfellow traveled to Africa for the first time in 2003. They discovered a passion for Kenya: its natural beauty, its breathtaking wildlife (particularly, the giraffes!) and its people.

In 2005, Nicole visited the Olympic Primary School in the Kibera slum district of Nairobi with her daughter and niece. Deeply touched and inspired by the dedication of the teachers and the learning enthusiasm of the kids, Nicole returned home with plans to have a library properly set up for the kids. A few months later, all of the school’s precious books had found a home in a real library setting – her literacy gift to the school.

Rick and Nicole were inspired to continue their work and the Rick Goodfellow Charity Invitational was officially launched in 2008, with the Olympic Primary School designated as the cause of choice.

Since it's inception, RGI Charity has continued to grow every year, extending it's initiatives to include a secondary school scholarship program, an outreach program with local schools, and much more!

How does RGI Charity decide how to direct money donated?

Rick and Nicole Goodfellow keep in constant contact, and work very closely with, a trusted team in Kenya on every aspect of their outreach. Together with their Kenyan partners, they identify the best projects for RGI Charity to take on depending on several factors. The team in Kenya oversees the implementation and completion of those projects.

Rick and Nicole travel to Kibera at least once every year to personally meet with the whole team and to visit the Olympic Primary School. This gives them an opportunity to see the progress of various projects firsthand, as well as to identify areas of need to be considered for future initiatives.