A desk in honour of Dylan

Desk Program

On one of their annual trips to visit the Olympic Primary School, Rick and Nicole noticed that some students had to sit on the floor during class. There simply weren't enough desks for everyone and many of the desks they did have were old and in disrepair. So RGI created a desk building program! Not only does one desk seat up to 4 students, it also helps the parents of OPS students who are employed to build them!

In 2015, on one of their visits to the Olympic Primary School, Rick and Nicole noticed many kids sitting on the floor for their daily lessons and realised that there were not enough desks for all of the students. They also saw that many of the desks they did have were very broken down, some barely standing. So desks quickly became a priority.

In addition to providing proper seating for the 85-100 kids per classroom, the building of desks is assigned to carpenters and workers who are parents of Olympic School kids. This project now provides a lifeline income to these families throughout the year. The testimonials received from these families over the past few years remind us how easy it can be to help when projects involve the right stakeholders from inception to implementation. Everybody wins in this scenario! Each new desk seats 3-4 students and becomes a treasured addition to the classroom!

The desks make wonderful, meaningful gifts, ~“gifts with a purpose”~ as Nicole likes to say! They can be personalized with an inscription on the front to suit every possible occasion: birthdays, retirements, weddings, pets, family dedications, etc.

Ordering a desk is easy! Simply click on the "Build A Desk" button on this page and fill out the form OR send an email to ngood@rogers.com and let us know how many desks you would like to order. Don't forget to include what inscription you would like on the desk(s). Once we have received your instructions and payment of $90 (either by e-transfer or cheque) the order will be on its way! It typically takes between 10-14 days for the desk to be built and transported to the school for a lucky classroom. Our partner on site takes pictures of the desk with the kids in class and sends them to Nicole who then creates a presentation certificate that can be customized to match your preferences or meet the needs of any special occasion.