Kenyan Partners

Our Partners

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

~ African proverb

Rick and Nicole have some wonderful partners in Kenya who are instrumental to the success of RGI. They work closely with Rick and Nicole to help identify areas where RGI can make the most impact and then oversee the implementation of each and every project.


Eunice Mutheu

Goodfellow Scholarship Program

Eunice handles the day-to-day operations of the Goodfellow Scholarship Program – from chairing the selection of the new candidates every year, to monitoring their performance in class, to purchasing the set of new uniforms and shoes for the scholarship recipients. Eunice meets with parents when students are facing difficult challenges and liaises with the school Principal as required to ensure that the program runs as smoothly as possible. With 35-40 students on the scholarship program every year, this represents a huge time commitment on her part. The role also requires finesse, counselling skills, and a BIG dose of encouragement when it comes to keeping teenagers focused on their studies! When the major projects kick in at the Olympic Primary School, Eunice helps the school team in coordinating the logistics.

Eunice earned a diploma in Theology and has certificates in a variety of courses. She moved to Kibera when she married in 1987. Eunice is the proud mother of 3 daughters and 2 sons, all of whom attended Olympic Primary School. She became a Parent Teacher Association committee member when her first daughter started at Olympic in 1997 and she has continued to be involved ever since. She is a vivacious leader and loves volunteering her time, abilities and resources for the benefit of the children.

Fredricks Odhiambo

PTA Chair, Olympic Primary School

Fredricks is the proud father of 4 children – 3 sons and 1 daughter. He has been living in Kibera since 1986. All 4 of his children attend Olympic Primary School with his eldest son now proudly attending a high-ranking high school.

Fredricks was first elected as Chair of the Olympic Primary School PTA in 2013, and after successfully serving his 3-year term, he was unanimously re-elected to continue in this role to this day. The PTA and the Olympic Primary School couldn’t ask for a more dedicated and capable Chair who devotes so much personal time for the betterment of the school and its 4500 students.

As our main liaison for all improvement projects funded by the RGI, Fredricks leads the procurement and sourcing processes to ensure that we get the best quality and value for every penny invested in the school. He excels at consulting and aligning all stakeholders involved in the school’s future. He embraces the value of transparency and integrity in every step of the way, maintains constant communication with us and is a problem solver par excellence when unforeseen challenges present themselves in this bustling and sometimes chaotic environment.

When not consumed by his volunteer duties at the Olympic Primary School, Fredricks works at a horticultural company which exports produce to Europe. He earned certificates in purchase and supply management, computer studies and is currently working on a certificate in business administration.

The RGI has been able to tackle massive improvement projects at Olympic Primary School over the past several years thanks to Fredricks unrelenting attention to detail and his sense of ownership over the projects. Fredricks beams with pride at the legacy that he is part of and his partnership with the RGI is nothing short of a true blessing.

Frederick Obwogo
Caleb Ochieng

Caleb Ochieng

Principal, Olympic Primary School

Caleb has a long history with the Olympic Primary School, and has been a resident of Kibera since the early 1980’s.

Caleb started off as a teacher at Olympic. After 10 years in this capacity, he was promoted to a Senior Teacher position, and after 6 years, he became the right-hand man of the Principal as Deputy of the school while still delivering a full teaching curriculum. In 2015, Caleb was appointed as Principal and Head Teacher of the Olympic Primary School – a well-deserved promotion. In this role, he faces the daily challenges of managing an ever-growing student population at Olympic (now in the 4,500 range) while actual school capacity is designed to serve 1,700-2,000 students; negotiating with government bodies to address the acute teacher shortage at the school which results in classrooms of 100 kids per teacher; dealing with the poverty afflicting these kids and their families from the slums – just to name a few, while still teaching a grade 8 subject every day.

He is also Secretary to the school’s Management Board.

Caleb has 4 children and 2 grandchildren.

While the scope of these responsibilities is far-reaching and not for the faint of heart, Caleb maintains a calm and thoughtful demeanor that inspires the belief that anything is possible with due consideration and hard work. We are so thankful for the trusting partnership that we share with Caleb, his staff, the PTA, and the Management Board.



RGI Charity is grateful for the hard work

and dedication of all of our partners!

Thank you!